3 In 1 Instant Coffee G8

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Instant coffee 3 in 1 coffee of G8coffee is particularly delicious, clean.
By G8 coffee is grown in confidence and care of soil fertility Highlands three times, and seeds are selected from the good grain quality and skillfully roasted flavor intact set of coffee referendum. Khin integrated production process.
Instant coffee 3 in 1 is a product of the spirit of the G8 cafe and more popular. G8coffee instant coffee brings you always feel relaxed, lucid and most profound when used. by the fat of the milk, the sugar and the aroma of fresh coffee blends.

Main Ingredients: Sugar, Milk, Instant coffee.

Quality criteria:

Moisture content <5%

Caffeine content> 0.25%

How to preserve: Store in cool dry place

Package: 50 sachets x 16g


For a packet of instant coffee into the cup G8coffee
Pour 75ml of hot water (80-100 ° C) and stir
Enjoy hot
Enjoy hot or add ice depending on preference (if you use this ice pack 2)


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