Ariel Downy Detergent Liquid 2.7L

Ariel beat all stains on your clothes

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Ingredients: Water, Sodium Alkyl Ethoxylate, Sodium Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate, Fatty Alcohol Ethorylate, C12 Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Protease, Amylase, Protease, Amylase, Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate, Citric Acid, Blue Dye, Polystyrene based latex, Fragrance, Additive
How to use:
Pour Ariel on the cap with the dosage as directed.
Apply a small amount of washing water directly onto the stain.
Pour remaining Ariel the cover in the washing machine along with the clothes.
No need to soak.
– Consumption introduced for laundry bleach stain and wash normally.
Machine wash:
½: amount less clothing / little dirty clothing.
1: The amount of normal clothing.
Adjust the washing water, respectively, for more and more dirty clothes.
Wash your hands: Use half Ariel cap for 3-4 liters of water.
Product in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.If swallowed, drink a full glass of water.
Call your doctor consultation.
If contact with eyes, rinse with clean water.
Do not reuse this packaging for storing beverage products and other drinks.


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