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During pregnancy and lactation, moms should pay close attention to consuming adequate nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy newborns.

Besides having the flavor that suits moms’ altered taste during pregnancy, Dielac Mama Gold also contains nutrients that improve moms’ general health like iron, iodine and soluble fiber Oligofructose. And with the addition of DHA, acid folic and calcium, the product provides numerous benefits for their children including brain, retina cell and skeletal system development.


Improving mom’s health

Iron: creates red blood cell and prevents anemia.

Iodine: prevents iodine deficiency during pregnancy, which could lead to goiter.

Soluble fiber (Oligofructose): promotes healthy gut bacteria, enhances calcium absorption, and avoids constipation during pregnancy.

Supporting Fetal Growth

DHA: is a crucial fatty acid for brain and retinal cell development in fetus and newborn.

Folic Acid: assists healthy neural development.

Calcium: engages in the formation and development of a strong skeletal system.


  • 400gr Cans
  • 400gr Refill Boxes
  • 900gr Cans



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