OMO Regular Detergent Powder 400G

Beat many dry stains in 1 times wash with cyclone energy

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Omo Regular Detergent Powder 400g new swirl energy
Now the hard dry dirt do not you worry.
New Omo with the swirl energy particle tracks help beat wide range of dry dirt in just one load.
Omo first gives you the energy particle Swirl a breakthrough technology. The swirl energy particles will dissolve, releasing more power while washing laundry.
Newly synthesized Omo washing technologies in one package, saving you the need to soak the clothes long, without losing the rub, do not buy them any tool support.
Just Omo new, more rigid type of dirt will be beaten in a single washing
Used for hand washing and the Top-loading washing machines.
User Guide:
– Rinse with water clothes
– Dissolve 1 tablespoon Omo with 3-4 liters of water
– Soak clothes in 30 minutes


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