Vi Dan Robot five star premium detergent

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Available size: 9kg, 6kg, 4.5kg, 3kg, 2.5kg, 1kg, 540g, 270g.

Key benefit:

  • Antibacterial, Fragrance lasting in all weather.
  • Brightener as new look: protect the fabric to be brightener and discolor clothes.
  • Against UV: contain UV protection helps effective reduce causes tanning, melasma and skin aging.
  • Harmless for skin hand.
  • Friendly with environment.

Introductions of use:

For washing machine:

  • Using 2 spoons for each washing (6kg clothes, can adjust depend on contamination of clothes.
  • Seperately color clothes.Giặt riêng quần áo màu.
  • For dirtier clothes, select the soaking mode.

For hand washing:

  • Washing with water..
  • Mixing 1 spoons washing powder in 3 -4 liters of water.
  • Soaking in 15 -20 minutes. (soaking seperately color clothes)
  • Rinse with water 2 -3 times after washing.

– Storage: store in a cool. Keep out of reach children.

– Expirity of use: 36 months from manufacturing.

Warnings : 

– Should use fabric softener in last washing because washing powder have negative electrolysis, fabric softener have positively electrolysis . If using both of them at the same time, the effective is not high and reduce ability of washing.

– Washing and drying hand after using


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