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Advantages of Using a Camping Gas Stove

So, whether you decide you want to bring a camping gas stove or not, here are some general advantages:

  • Easy to ignite with a match or a lighter, even in wet or windy conditions (Self-igniting camp stoves make this even easier)
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Easy learning curve: cooking with a camp gas stove is similar to cooking with a gas stove in your kitchen
  • Variable heat: it’s easy to change the heat by controlling how much gas you are burning

So, Do I Really Need a Camping Gas Stove?

  • I honestly recommend having a camping gas stove. You don’t have to bring food that you need to cook while car camping (or backpacking for that matter), but if you do, it’s always nice to have a backup in case a campfire is out of the question (such as because of a burn ban, rain, no firewood, or other circumstance).
  • Single burner gas stoves are ideal for car camping for one or two people, as they are relatively compact, and make for using a pan to cook very easy. Because you are not balancing your stove on a gas canister, these stoves are much more stable for cooking on and allow for bigger pots and pans.


Using inline-cut regulator.

Apply JIA (Japan Standard) for burner part, to help achieve most efficiency brun performance.

Beautiful, elegant design.

The stove’s body could stands for strong impact but still remain normal.

Burn capacity stronger than 30% compare to normal stoves.


Capacity 2.6 Kw (2,200 Kcal/h)
Gas consume: 170 g/h
CO Emission: < 0.14%
Color Red, silver, banana green
Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimession: H 91 x W 280 x L 340 mm


Using gift box 8 unit/carton
Carton dimession: H 390 x W 360 x L 580 mm
Container: 2,400 unit/cont. 20′ cont
4,960 unit/cont. 40′ cont
5,952 unit/cont. 40′ high cont


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