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  • The stove is equipped with a high-grade ceramic burner, and uses internal combustion technology – the flame is generated from inside the burner, causing the ceramic to radiate high heat to cook the food.
  • No flames, no flame out, when cooking outdoors
  • Use safety gas shutoff valve – INLINE CUT
  • High-end ceramic burner (ceramic), suitable for luxury restaurants
  • Low gas consumption, especially suitable when used to stew dishes
  • Kitchen body manufactured by combined technology → solid, impact resistant
  • Use plastic box that is easy to store & move
  • The product is very suitable for use in windy places without fear of turning off the fire because of the infrared flame
The capacity 1.8 kW (1,500 Kcal/h)
Size 101 x 331 x 292 mm
Weight 1.42 kg
Color Inox, green plated


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